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Driving Directions

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ARB 4x4 Accessories - locking differentials, onboard air compressors

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Custom Ford 9" - nodular housing, daytona pinion support, billet yoke, back brace support, 4link brackets, 35 spline spool, 35 spline chromoly axles, fitted with disc brakes

That's right, custom. Completely custom to the point of unique fabrication, one-off mounts, taylor made housings, unique setups from the ground up.

We know that not everything comes in a box. Parituclarly rear ends - which may require custom mouting of spring & shock mounts, slimming down to fit bigger tires inside your wheel wells, or perhaps new big bearing ends welded on.

Jeep drivers & Jeep wheelers - check out our Jeep page here, or our Jeep Customization here.


Custom Blazer

Your needs may be so extreme that a complete custom rear end is called for - with nodular housing, 4-link, over-sized disc brakes, and extreme duty components to handle the power of your high-horsepower motor on the strip, to with stand extreme trail pressure and articulation on the obsticles, or just to impress the onlookers with some extra "wow" for your mall-crawler.

To harness all of the power - slide over that rock - or just because it's trick.

If your needs aren't available in a box or off the shelf - then give us a call at 281-999-6592 or come by and see us.

Transfer Case

Modify or replace your stock transfer case for lower gearing, twin sticks.

Drive Line

Upgrade your yokes, shafts, and gears to more heavy duty components.


Improve the stock gear ratios specific to your driving needs.

Replace your 3-speed with a 4 or 5 speed.


Full Spool, electronic or air lockers, or gear lockers - these will help provide traction control when you need it most.


Modify your existing axle such as pinion angle, spring perches, wrap-traps, spring mounts, and more. Or completely swap in a different axle, such as an 8.8, Dana 44, Ford 9", or a 1-ton. We gotcha covered, and we probably have an axle housing available that we can custom build out to your specifications and budget

Completely custom built entire axles - such as one with nodular housing, 4-link suspension, narrowed to fit an exacting specification for your custom car requirements, and decked out with extreme components to handle the insane conditions you'll be driving in.


Replace your old drum or small disc brakes with custom brakes to stop or hold for your specific needs.