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Drivetrain Service and Repairs Maintenance & Repairs

Simply put - the drivetrain transfers power from the engine to all drive wheels and it allocates the torque as necessary through gearing. The drivetrain consists mainly of the differential, a transfer case, and the transmission. Proper maintenance and repairs of these components is critical for your saftey, as well as for dependability of your vehicle.

We service most late and early model vehicles. If you need general maintenance & repairs on your drivetrain, give us a call at 281-999-6592, or come by and see us. If you can't drive it, a towing service is available.

Something to consider - damaged or worn out parts may also be a sign that your drivetrain isn't setup properly for the type of use. In addition to routine maintenance, we also can recommend, install, and customize your drivetrain to better suit the needs of your vehicle and how you use it.

Differential Service

Servicing the differential for routing maintenance generally involves replacing the lubricating fluid.

  • drain the old differential fluid
  • filling the differential with manufacturer recommended type and quantity of new fluid
  • inspection of the exterior and gears for issues and concerns, such as leaks and wear
  • inspection of any traction device, such as locker, posi, or spool
  • In almost all cases, differential service includes complete disassembly, cleaning, and re-assembly with new bearing, seals, and gaskets.

Manual Transmission Service

For both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles

  • drain the old fluid and replace with new fluid
  • inspection of the transmission exterior and mechanical function for issues and concerns, such as leaks or difficulty getting in to gear.
  • Clutch replacment
  • Our more complete service includes complete disassembly of the transmission - cleaning and replacement of worn parts, and reassembly with new parts, seals, and gaskets.

Transfer Case Service

Transfer cases are found on four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. This gearbox divides the transmission power output between the rear differential and the front differential.

Routine Transfer Case Service should include

  • draining the old transfer case fluid
  • filling the transfer case with manufacturer's recommended type and quantity of new fluid
  • inspection of the exterior and mechanical functionality for issues such as wear or damage

Driveline Service

The driveline connects the transmission to the transfer case, and the transfer case to the differential.

Routine Driveline Service includes

  • drive test
  • inspect and grease applicable components, such as:
    • the driveshaft
    • yokes
    • u-joint