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Jeep Customizations

Jeep Rears and Gears is a huge part of our business, that is - replacing your Jeep's ring & pinion, differential or installing a locker is just a day in the park for us. On any given day we probably do two or three Jeep rear end jobs. But it doesn't stop there - if you are ready to take your Jeep to the next level - we can certainly help. We offer all kinds of upgrades and customized solutions for Jeep's of all models and years.

Lifts & Suspension

"Jack it up" - there are very few comparisons in look and function than a nicely lifted Jeep. We offer lift kits from Pro Comp and BDS, or if you've purchased a Jeep lift kit from somewhere else and can't install it yourself - then give us a call about it to see if we can help.

Going extreme 4x4 with it? Well, we can help there, too - radius arms, links, coil-overs... it can all be done here.

SPECIAL NOTE: We've dealt with a few lift kits from some vendors that we just don't like, they either don't fit well or cause handling problems with no ability to adjust without extensive fabrication, so we may choose not to install them - so call us and let us know what lift you've purchased and we'll let you know if we'll do the job.

Jeep Axle Swaps & Upgrades

Off of the lot Jeeps are moderately capable off-road and with a little lift can safely handle about a 33" tire on the stock D35 axle. If you're going above 33" tire on your Dana 30/Dana 35, then you're pushing the limit and could end up stranded with broken yokes, axle shafts, or otherwise. If you have a Dana 44 already, you may be interested in disc brakes or some adjustments to your pinion angle by moving the shock and spring perches - Dana 44's will survive relatively safely with 35" tires.

Going bigger than 35"? Well... you may need to jump to the Ford 8.8 or better axles.

Ford 8.8 Jeep Axle Swap: The Ford 8.8 is a stronger axle than the D35/D44 and costs about the same, that is - it is as much as 30% stronger than a D44 and more than 100% than a D35.  Also, most 8.8's come with disc brakes. If you're considering a D44 swap (which we can do for you), you may instead consider the Ford 8.8 - it is an excellent swap for the TJ with great benefits and capabilities.

8.8 Ford Axle housings in stock ready and ready for your Jeep 8.8 Axle Swap

We now have 8.8 Ford Axle housings in-stock and ready to be custom built for your 88-95 Wrangler and 96-06 TJ's. Call us about other applications. All housings will be custom built to order per your specifications. This is a very popular swap to replace the weaker D35 and D44 rear axles and most come with disc brakes. Give us a call or come by and see us to get your Jeep 8.8 axle swap started.

  • Dana 30/ Dana 35 to Dana 44
  • Dana 35/Ford 8.8 swaps
  • 1-tons,

Transmission Swaps & Upgrades

Look no further - we can replace and install conversion kits for most popular Jeep transmission conversions. We have several common conversion transmissions for Jeep's in-stock, new or rebuilt, and ready to go - including T-150, T-4, T-5, T-176, AX-5, AX-15, and NV3550. We can't say this enough - give us a call or come by to see us.

Transfercase Swaps & Upgrades

  • Atlas
  • Terra Low 4-to-1 Kit
  • Short-shaft kits